Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Blogging Debacle

There is nothing you can say, write, or read that hasn't been said, written, or read. Trying to say something nobody has said before seems impossible. Coming up with a story that's never been told before seems impossible. Original angle?  Impossible!  This stymies me when I'm trying to write/blog.  HAVE YOU SEEN THE INCREDIBLE BLOGS OUT THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How do I get past this? By realizing that I am an important part of Life's creative expression. I am the medium through which Life itself expresses color, harmony, form, beauty, resonating in Life's symphony of living art. I'll simply seek out and appreciate my innate place in Life's creative source.  Most importantly, quit trying to make a living as a proffessional writer when I'm not.

What blocked my creative abilities that resulted in today's post? Trying to write for money without any formal schooling, manuscripts, or the discipline to work the long hard hours it takes to consistently produce thousands of words a day.  Yes, I'm one of those dits who came up with the harebrain scheme to blog to make money before I even knew what a blog was.  Just heard people were doing it and thought, well by-golly, I can do it, too.

The most important things I've learned is that I enjoy trying to write, and enjoy reading about writing.  I am creative.  And admitting defeat in this means success on another level.  

I'm happy to be in a lower echelon of writing. I'm a happy hobby blogger.  So much easier, so I must be doing it right.  

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