Sunday, December 23, 2012

COFFEE ROASTe STYLE - advertisement

picture by Karen Eland's coffee art

ROASTe is a one stop coffee shop.  

One rule in writing is you must have a beginning, a middle, and an end.  
If the story were to be about coffee the beginning would start with a good coffee machine.  At ROASTe you can find anything from a Mr. Coffee coffee maker, to a Keurig coffee maker, on up to a SAECO XELSIS DIGITAL ID AUTOMATIC ESPRESSO MACHINE.   They have domestic and commercial machines.  Where does your day begin?  Sitting in a quaint Coffee Cafe drinking a Costa Rica Espresso waiting for your buddy to show up, or savoring a cup of Compassionate's Breakfast Blend as you watch the snow come down outside your kitchen window.

The body of the coffee story (the middle of the story) will span through years of aromatic brews catering to adventure and discovery of flavors, blends, brands that you could never imagine until you found ROASTe.  Oh the tales!

The end?  As I relax in my thinking chair with a cup of Chocolate Raspberry decaffeinated coffee, all that comes to mind is The Never Ending Story.  My personal coffee story will never end until I've tried all of the thousands of different flavors ROASTe has to offer, which will take more than my lifetime I'm afraid.  

COFFEE TRIVIA - from ROASTe - Coffee tasting, similar to wine tasting, is known as "cupping".

If you do check out ROASTe come back and share your coffee discoveries and adventures.  Do you have a tried and true coffee blend?  I know I'll be cupping my way through 2013.

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