Sunday, December 2, 2012


Only one way to get 'er done, and that's to do 'er.

I'm a story teller from the word go. Yet, I learn, it's becoming apparent, now that my quest is to blog my stories, that cornering someone in the store and blabbing my head off is quite different from getting that same story down on paper (figuratively speaking now-a-days).  Drat!

Could I train my computer blog to corner people? Apple can't do this yet so I won't pursue it either, yet.  Steve Jobs, send me a sign, is this in my near future?  No?  I just have to bite the bullet and learn how to write it down on paper (figuratively speaking now-a-days)?  Double drat!!

I've stared at blank screens so long lately that when I'm reading books in my dreams their pages are blank screens.  Just titles appear; and chapter pages.  GONE WITH THE WIND, Chapter 1 - blank screen.

After hours of reading writer's blogs, Writer's Digest Community forums/critiques, studiously listing the rules of writing, I learn that the best writer's break the rules.  Oh!  I was made to break rules.  I'm still in.

I see a lot of vs. in articles about writing.  Today it was dialogue vs. description.  They were talking about moving the plot along, and dialogue wins this case for me.  Over description drags me down when I'm reading, but both are obviously necessary.  I don't care about every little crook and cranny in the room.  I care if the bad guys kill the good guys, and if there is a happy ending.

Another one was research vs. observation.  Research is required for an accurate description of people and places, and what you uniquely observe in the real world will make it all more real.  Simple rule is to always check the facts; that's a given.  

Another tidbit I picked up from the real writer's blogs is don't make your posts too long.  Learned it, like it.  Adios for now. 

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Zane Varnum said...

Don't give up! Break those rules! ALso, remember your own quote; when things are hard you're doing them wrong! Love to you!