Friday, December 21, 2012

Shortest Doomsday Ever

It's finally December 21st, the day the world is suppose to end because the 4,500 year old Mayan calendar ended on this day. It's also my brother's birthday. Happy birthday Terryl. And surprise, you are not going to die on the day you were born. That would have been novel, but not going to happen.  Sorry?
Today is also the winter solstice; the first day of winter, the shortest day of the year.  So that makes this the shortest doomsday ever.  We'll hardly have time to enjoy it. 
One fellow blogger, Kristen Lamb's Blog, has joined today's festivities with her post:  The End is Near and We Deserve It--The Top 12 Reasons Earth Deserves Annihilation

SOOOOO funny!  You go Kristen!  Ya really gotta check it out, then check out her book We Are Not Alone The Writer's Guide to Social Media Print, since social media has pretty much taken over the world this book is a must.  Kristen's book helps writer's to navigate through the fast-moving emergence of media technology, like blogging.  It's not going away people.  Nice to know "We Are Not Alone" to flounder through it by ourselves.  Thank you Kristen.

With that I bid you Happy Holidays, Happy Birthday (Terryl), Happy Non-Doomsday, and a Happy Winter Solstice.

Gonna curl up with a hard copy (while they still exist) of Little Women (my favorite Christmas book) and have me a long winter's night read.

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Zane Varnum said...

Happy Belated Birthday Uncle Terryl! Wasn't he born on the shortest day of the year or something? Wait! Is that the winter solstice, too?! LOL!