Friday, June 21, 2013

Book Review - Poeple of the Noatak by Claire Fejes

Poeple of the NoatakPoeple of the Noatak by Claire Fejes
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What a soul filled book. The author/artist was able to depict the ancient Eskimo culture with the written word just as skillfully, and beautifully, as the pictures she sketched, and painted of the Eskimos. She had such passion for her art; resulting in adventure's up the Noatak River, Alaska, to record these ancient cultures before they were gone forever. To quote Claire Fejes, "I had not viewed Sheskalik as an anthropologist or scientist but as a woman and an artist." She had to gain the trust
of these very remote, primitive people, that were not immediately trusting even if she was a kind 'white woman'; still an intruder. She became part of the Eskimo family/community over the ten years journaled in this book. Love and relationships grew out of her willingness to endure the same adverse living conditions along side of her loved Eskimo's , and by taking potentially deadly boat rides up the Noatak River, to experience the real Eskimo life; to truly understand them.  Claire Fejes said she wanted to paint the Eskimos to show the spirit of love in man. I think she accomplished that. I love this book.

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