Thursday, June 13, 2013

How About A Cup Of Really Good Coffee


I've learned so much about coffee from ROASTe, the largest online, one stop coffee shop. You could have a cup of coffee, or you could have a cup of really good coffee.

Don't be overwhelmed by the vast selections of coffee blends, beans, and brews. Start by setting up a coffee profile, your coffee profile, to help document what you like, build on that, then discover what you can learn about a really good cup of coffee.

This is a writer's blog. Writer's research what they write about. While researching your book about Africa, why not set the scene with a cup of Paramount Coffee Taste of Africa Blend, just one of the more than a thousand coffee blends and brands to be discovered at ROASTe. Then experience the exact aroma your protagonist is experiencing , how the aromatic coffee gave him a moment of solace from his nemesis when he was having a really good cup of coffee with the locals in Zimbabwe. His last before he feels the sting in his neck from a poisoned dart ejected from the blow gun.......................Point being, in your pursuit to discover the best gourmet coffee ever, ROASTe provides a search "By Geographical Region" feature. Of course they break it down by Type (regular, decaf, flavored, expresso), by Roast (medium, dark, light), and by Shop Maker's, and more.

Don't put off your pursuit of that really good cup of coffee. Go to ROASTe right now and let your coffee adventures begin. It's a must when researching that next book.

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