Thursday, July 25, 2013

Book Review/ The Magic Diary - The Bully, by TL Bliss

The Magic Diary - The BullyThe Magic Diary - The Bully by T.L. Bliss
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Turn off the television and hand your children "The Magic Diary" series of books, written by TL Bliss. Not only will they be learning how to read, they will be learning pure and simple morals to make their worlds easier to manipulate through in tough times. In this story, "The Magic Diary - The Bully", Alex and Becky learned to go to their parents to help them if problems seemed too frightening. They learned
to be grateful for their parents guidance and love. They learned that the bully, Mark, didn't know any better, and that his bad actions were a result of trouble his parents were having at home. His Dad was unemployed, so he didn't have what he saw his neighbors have in the line of toys, or a Dad available to come to school events, like Alex and Becky did. Also, Mark saw other bullies with friends at school and thought that's what it took to make friends. When Mark came to Alex's house with his parents, Alex and Becky showed him how to be nice to people. They taught Mark by example. What a wonderful lesson for all children to learn. Be nice to people, and they will be nice to you.

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