Monday, September 30, 2013

My New Favorite Funny Vampire

Fat VampireFat Vampire by Johnny B. Truant
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Years ago I would never watch a vampire movie, or read anything with the word vampire in the title. Then, when the kids were young, they forced me to watch “Lost Boys”. It is one of my favorite movies as a result. This is why I read Fat Vampire. I’m glad I did.

Reginald Baskin was a fat kid that became a fat adult. He works for a fitness equipment manufacturer, ironical, in a cubicle next to Todd Walker who makes his life miserable. He’s tired of it, tired of his life. Then comes the new guy, Maurice, that works the night shift and is as big a misfit as he is. Naturally they befriend each other. Little did Reginald know that Maurice had his own reasons for being friendly. Once Maurice turns Reginald into a vampire Reginald discovers being a fat vampire isn’t any easier than being a fat human being, in fact it sucks more because now he could die permanently. Reginald’s saving factor is being a brainy vampire, which saves the day for both him and Maurice in the end. Saves his friends and family, too.

I love Johnny B. Truant’s snarly writing voice, his ability to tell a good story, and his ability to keep the story moving forward at a swift pace. I’m down with reading Fat Vampire 2 thru 4. Good job Johnny B. Truant.

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You can find Johnny B. Truant (if that's his real name) here:
Jonny B. Truant - The internet made awesome

He does podcasts too. 

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