Wednesday, September 18, 2013

September 17th Writer's Digest

(500 words or less)
You delete a chain email that says if you don’t forward it to ten people, you will have bad luck for ten years. On your way out of the office, a black cat passes you. Then you find a parking ticket on your car. And, to top it off, your car won’t start. Was it actually the email? Write your response to the bad luck, as well as other ensuing events that make you wonder about hitting the delete button. 


Black cat, parking ticket, dead battery, too weird. Zoe saw Debbie walking to her car. That’s funny. She’s usually the first one out of here. “Hey Deb,” Zoe flagged her down like she would hail a taxi. “Could you give me a lift home?”
“Car problems?”
“Yeah. The battery is dead.”
“No problem. Jump in.”
As she settled in the passenger’s seat Zoe started connecting the dots. Debbie’s uncharacteristic facial smirk and non typical body language read volumes.
“So, Debbie. Do you own a cat?”
“You still dating that traffic cop?”
“Is my battery still under the hood of my car?”
 Debbie started laughing. “Did you get my email?”
“Yep.” Zoe gave Debbie a love tap on the arm and joined in the laughter.

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