Monday, October 7, 2013


Boo Dog

My dog makes me so proud.  Look at him sitting up.  This is his newest trick.
Once Boo learns a new trick he starts doing it as soon as I reach for the doggy training treats; before I give the command.  He's so funny.  He learned 'roll over' before I started teaching him how to sit up.  This picture was taken a couple of days ago, the day I grabbed the doggy training treats, turned around and he was already sitting up.  I didn't have to wait for him to quit rolling over.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Last Legal Indian Execution Is In November, 1894

Thank you Dad for this little hidden treasure I found inside one of your books when faced with the unpleasant task of clearing out your office.

The caption under this picture reads:  "On April 19, 1894, Silon Lewis was sentenced to be shot "until dead," for the murder of Joe Haklotybbi.  He was given his freedom, without bond, until execution day.  On November 5, 1894, he promptly appeared at Mashalatubbe Court House, near Red Oak, Indian Territory, sat down on a blanket, removed his shoes and calmly signified he was ready.  He was shot through his lung by the sheriff, because Lewis' heart-beat was on the right side of his breast.  Guards are shown smothering him as the sheriff stands by with a Windchester."