Saturday, February 8, 2014


          I did not plan on going to Tombstone yesterday. The battery on my iPhone went dead within fifteen minutes upon arrival. Sierra Vista was yesterdays destination. There is a light bulb store there that brags they can get any bulb you need. Well, I need a bulb for a Kodaslide table viewer, model A, made in the 40's. They did not have it, but they are going to search for one and let me know Monday if my trip was wasted.
          I decided I had seen enough of highway 90. My sense of adventure told me to go home via highway 80, through Tombstone. What a payoff. Should have charged my phone on the way. Oh well. Next time Tombstone will be my destination and my phone will be charged.

I love this street performer. Called himself Redbone. Has a really neat spiel. I told him he is a national treasure.  He said he doesn't think anyone else feels that way and that it was a tough crowd. Hope he's there when I go back. He told me all about his historical instruments, his style, the origin of this style of music. Of course I didn't have a notebook or tape recorder. Me - the want to be writer - never prepared.
          I'll be ready next time. Destination Tombstone via highway 80. Phone charged, tape recorder on. Gonna wear my boots, too. 

Sunday, February 2, 2014

The FavoriteThe Favorite by Franklyn C. Thomas
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I love the tempo of this story, especially how the  tension building in the center story of the grueling fight, the protagonist, Michael Dane, contending for the IBF Light-Heavyweight Champion of the world against Quin Cortez, was carried throughout the equally progressing tension of the back story. Michael Dane set out to right the wrongs of his unfortunate abusive childhood, and news of his impending fatherhood was, and I quote Michael Dane, .."the one last sign I needed to show me I'm doing the right thing." This is a guts and glory story, a love story, and just a damn good read. I cried at the inevitable heart wrenching ending.

Franklyn C. Thomas has certainly spun a good yarn. "The Favorite" is a must read.

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