Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Holding Woman and Other Stories of Acceptable MadnessHolding Woman and Other Stories of Acceptable Madness by Kelley Jaacquez
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This collection of vignettes all take place in and around the small community of El Nido, New Mexico. Population 264. A simple place in simple times where simple people worked out the complex problems that living in this world threw at them. The populous is inextricably entwined by custom, by love, by tragedy... sorrow, hope, and humor. Every woman cared for every child as though it was her own. If the mother wasn't there the woman closest to the child corrected, and protected it as if it was their own. The author laid each character and their story out so clearly and completely that you can see into their souls. Not one word was wasted. I absolutely love this book. Thank you Kelly Jacquez.

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