Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Prince S(Avalon Hall)Prince S by Anita Renaghan
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Anita Renaghan has given the world a fairy tale that will last through the ages. And what a unique tale it is. A baby girl, raised as a boy, that grows up to be King in the land of Fontanasia.

Queen Samantha died giving birth to ‘the next royal child’ and heir to the Kingdom of Fontanasia; Avalon. Queen Samantha’s only wish was to please the King with the birth of a boy child. The Queen’s faithful servant, Myra George, so loved the Queen that she passed the baby off as the boy King Birch so wanted, and so needed to inherit the throne to prevent Counselor Glenn from overthrowing the kingdom. Myra arranged for the Queen to have her dying wish by wrapping the baby in a blue blanket before handing it to the dying Queen. “I knew that I would have a son. Birch will be so pleased to have a son and heir to the throne.”
                          And pleased King Birch was, though he would have loved Avalon the same had she been presented to the world as the girl she was. He was proud and prepared Avalon to succeed him as King of Fontanasia since the day she was born. Avalon took her curious position in life to heart, rising to the occasion with courage, and compassion for her family and kingdom. Yet, she wonders how long she can compress her growing feelings for one of her faithful guards, Taggerty.
                        The story ends with Avalon overcoming all sorts of adversities and being crowned King. All this by age fourteen. Is this happily ever after? Will she take Taggerty into her inner sanctum, share her closely held secret as they so admire and lean on each other to guard their kingdom? Where is the sequel?

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