Monday, May 12, 2014

Go to Hell and Make A U-TurnGo to Hell and Make A U-Turn by Marci Martin
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I purchased this book because I have met the author, briefly, a couple of times when I was housesitting in Tucson, Arizona. She happened to attend the church I went to while in Tucson. The members were so welcoming after the services, and embraced me in friendly conversation. When they inquired about what it was I did for a living I stated that I try to write. I was informed that one of the members of the church was a published author, and I should meet and talk to her. We were introduced. What a bundle of joy, and a sense of humor that won’t quit. I felt honored to have met her. Naturally, I sought out and purchased her books.

This book is about her son who suffered from drug and alcohol addiction. This is a true story about how he overcame these addictions through the enduring love of his family. Loving parents, and an older sister, whom he called “A Hell of a Woman”, because of her reaching out to him in a letter. A letter that helped him turn his life around, along with the unconditional love of his parents.

A must read for any family suffering through similar problems they might be having with a family member or troubled child. I was not prepared for the devastating ending of this story. I am prepared to accept the life lessons Marci Martin so courageously and clearly recorded in this book, GO TO HELL AND MAKE A U-TURN.

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