Thursday, September 11, 2014

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OBSERVATIONSOBSERVATIONS by Barbara Whitt & Michael Whitt
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What do I think? Let me dry my tears first, and gather my heart back from that melodic otherworldly place my friend's book has sent it to. As soon as this book slipped out of the parcel package, and my eyes landed on the cover, I felt how blessed I am to know these people. This work is just so beautiful. I can't find anywhere online to purchase this book, but I was sent a signed copy of "OBSERVATIONS", filled with Barbara Whitt's beautiful photographs, and Michael Whitt's thought provoking poetry. They have great compassion for the world, everything and everyone in it. The foreword pretty much lays out how I felt when I first saw this very special book, so I will include it here:


"The end of art is peace".....Seamus Heaney

"Peace is transcribed on these pages. First it was seen and formed in two minds, those of a man and a woman who set out on life's journey, who through thousands of mornings, was the other's first vision.

Being a doctor he learned that illness can be cured, torn tissue will mend if one looks deeply enough to lift the soul's strength. Mastering words was his way.

Hers was dealing with the unexplained that alighted at her door in ones and twos seeking healing of another kind. Her way was to give beauty the calm light of eternity.

Each, while giving all, kept all, too. Thus, peace is their gift to you."

By Linda Hussa,
Great Basin rancher and poet.

It may be too early to find this book at any point of sales, but it will be well worth it to keep searching for it. This beautiful work of art truly does give me peace. I cherish this book, and its author's.