Monday, January 12, 2015


Amazon Books

This is not a novel. It is closer to a bird field guide book that all the birder's I know carry around. The birder's I know write the place and date beside every bird they have "sited" in their bird field guide book. What makes this book a little more readable than the field guide is it includes the authors backstory. The author being Jon Young, who from the young age of ten was influenced by his great-aunt Carrie, his mother, and his great-grandma Novak. All lovers of nature.  Then went on to be
mentored by Tom Brown, (here comes a big native american influence) Jake & Judy Swamp, Gilbert Walking Bull, (then british influence) Ingwe.

Jon Young is more than a birder, he is a naturalist, and this is a textbook of the science he has spent his life studying. His book explains how listening to the birds, and watching their behavior, can teach you about the movements, and nature of all the animals in the forest, and more. He lays out this universal bird language, aided by an online audio Collection of Bird language vocalizations found here - AUDIO COLLECTION OF BIRD VOCALIZATIONS

Jon Young founded the Wilderness Awareness School, and can be found on Facebook. I have visited both of these sites, and I must say they look enticing even to a bookworm like me. For those of us who like to observe nature through the living room picture window, I noticed he offers webinars. I may just put my bug bucket hat on and watch one of those!

I may even open the windows during the webinar!