Friday, April 24, 2015

Book Review of THE RETURN, by Maggie Allen

Virginia Wilson was about to graduate high school. Although she was living a comfortable upper middle class life, had a lot of friends, and was grateful for all she had, she felt something was missing. Yearning for adventure, to be and do something exceptional, she convinced her parents to book a family trip to Africa.
It didn’t hurt that Nick, the trip leader of a teen community service program in Costa Rica her parents let her go on the summer before, was now in Africa. She could hardly wait to see Nick again.
They arrive in Totoba, Africa. Totoboan tour guides meet and greet them, and get them settled into a comfortable base camp. Nick would meet up with the tour group the next day to take them to his house, where they would spend the following night. And they nearly made it there.......
I am in awe of the creative mind of this young author, Maggie Allen. Impressed that she wrote this book while in high school. She created a fictitious culture (Totoboan’s), in a fictitious country (Totoba became a smaller province of Kenya after many battles and deaths occurred) with a complicated religion (Totoboan religion). Provided a cast of complicated character’s large enough to fill a small town. Then she put those character’s in situations that made the little hairs on my neck stand on end. All this without misplacing a single one of her constructs.

May the Black Force not be with you, and may Maggie Allen never stop writing!!!!!!! I highly recommend this book. Since THE RETURN is the first of a trilogy, I am on to book two, THE REVIVAL, in the TOTOBOAN TRILOGY.