Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Book Review of THE REVIVAL, by Maggie Allen

Everything in THE RETURN is built upon, and clarified in THE REVIVAL. Virginia Wilson is drawn back to Totoba, Africa. She doesn’t clearly realize why. I don’t want to include any spoilers
here, but the “why” hinges on the harrowing experience she endured on her first trip to Africa in THE RETURN. The trip she convinced her parents to take her on just before she graduated from high school. The trip they came close not returning from, and the source of her nightmares, and deja vus that have plagued her since her return from Africa a few years ago. As an International Politics major at Georgetown University, in Washington D.C. now, she chooses Totoba as the location in which to do her internship for her chosen career; to write her graduate thesis about how tourism is a detriment to the Totoboan culture. And, again, motivated by hoping to see Nick, her first love.

This is a hair-raising, bone-chilling, adventure. I enjoy this, the second in the TOTOBOAN TRILOGY, more than the first, because I now get to see the Dark Force up close and personal, with all its components. To more fully understand the whole story. To know who, and what it is wreaking havoc on the protagonist, Virginia Wilson. The plot thickens, the character’s further develop/expand, and more fully live and breath. This is a riveting well written thriller that any aged reader will love.

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