Saturday, May 16, 2015

Book Review of THE RETRIBUTION, by Maggie Allen

          In this, the third book in the TOTOBOAN TRILOGY, Virginia decides she has to set things straight before she leaves Africa this time. She must
save Nick and Totoba. New characters are introduced along the harrowing way that recharge the already established characters and story. My favorite is Adila, a young African native girl, raised by noble Totoboan parents, fighting on the side of the good force, the Blue Force, or Assa. Her character’s point of view gave depth to the story, an insightful inside view, a Totoboan perspective, including their motives, what they are willing to sacrifice to save their country, how they love their native land, and love their family life built in that land, ingrained in its culture. Something we couldn’t glean from Virginia’s perspective. She, Adila, is the saving factor for Virginia and her friends, even though saving them wasn’t her concern or purpose.

Virginia stuck by Nick to the end, without wavering. She detested him, and yet was attached to him. To quote Virginia’s thought, “We are attached. Attached because it’s what I wanted.” (Page 36) She even submits to living by his side as an immortal, risking the possibility of not ever being able to return to her mortal life, leaving her parents to live as though she was dead. Forsaking all her earthly goals and dreams. Teetering between the mortal and immortal worlds, she struggles to help Nick be redeemed, and released from the Black Force, and return to his family. The suspense and element of surprise is sustained to the last few pages, the ending is satisfying, all-in-all, making this a very good read. I highly recommend THE RETRIBUTION, written by Maggie Allen, to people of any age who enjoy reading a good science fiction thriller. 

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