Saturday, February 18, 2017

CARNIVOROUS NIGHTS, by Margaret Mittelbach & Michael Crewdson

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I just finished the last few pages of this funtastical book. The artist/illustrator, Alexis Rockman, is the most entertaining and center stage character. I admire how the authors so skillfully keep the narrative picture pointed out and away from themselves. Not once are their names on the printed page. They appear only as pronouns that synchronized so beautifully into a one voice narrative, and superb storytelling.

This book is every bit as good as the blurbs on the book says it is, and that the raving reviews claim it is. What a read!

Saturday, January 7, 2017

HIGH ANXIETY, by Charlotte Hughes


Barnes & Noble
This story is a series of hysterical happenstances that Kate Holly finds herself in during her career as a clinical Psychologist. She reassures her friends and family that her patients are not dangerous or crazy, they just have trouble dealing with their problems. A hard argument to make after nearly being shot when wrestling a gun from Bea, a mother-in-law trying to shoot her daughter-in-law during an anger management session.

And, I see no line drawn between the patients and the friends and family, including Kate Holly, as she herself said, and I quote, "My patients don't know that I can be as neurotic as they are." Kate, besides having OCD, carries an unresolved emotional problem resulting from her father dying when she was ten years old. The unresolved mental anguish from her father, a firefighter, dying in a fire is jeopardizing her marriage to Jay, a firefighter, and the love of her life.  In fact it resulted in their getting a divorce, but not ending their love and commitment to work things out. True love never dies. In fact, the trials and tribulation bring them closer together.

When her best friend and receptionist, Mona, is afflicted with a case of the hives Kate is forced to hire a temporary replacement. This is when Kate is confronted with a truly dangerous psychopath. The humor remains, but the tension mounts, culminating into a great reading experience. The title says it all.

Charlotte Hughes has created such lovable characters in this story. My favorite characters include her house (yes her house) which she named Mad Ethel because she experienced her, Mad Ethel's, mood swings; if in a good mood there would be hot water...       Also, her Mother Dixie, and he Aunt Trixie. Yep, Trixie and Dixie, the Junk Sisters. Dumpster divers. Her mother, Dixie, just couldn't understand why Kate didn't want to follow in her footsteps and take over the family business. And, one last favorite, is Mona's Mother, Willie-Mae, a midwife, homeopathy, baby birthing healer from backwoods Tennessee. Mona lives in a mansion, wears only designer clothes, is rolling in dough, and her mother refuses her daughter's desire to help her out.

You should visit Charlotte Hughes website.