Thursday, August 8, 2013

Book Review - An Apricot Year, by Martha Egan

An Apricot YearAn Apricot Year by Martha Egan
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This book is a testament to us mature women that have been abused, then abandoned in the prime of our lives. That would be any time after fifty years of age. In Martha Egan's book, AN APRICOT YEAR, the main character is all the above. Luli Russell was married to an abusive drunk who mentally and physically abused not only her, but her children also. In those days women were taught to sacrifice for the
sake of saving face, and family. And sacrifice Luli Russell did, until her husband ran off with a young floozie, Darleen Renard, their babysitter from days gone by. Bad enough, but this bomb was dropped on Luli while she was on a trip to Santa Fe to finally submerge herself in her life long dream of pursuing her artistic abilities. A birthday gift from her husband and kids as recognition for all the years she had sacrificed for them. To add insult to injury, she discovered that Herb, the soon to be Ex, had squandered all their savings and assets throughout their married years leaving his family destitute.
Her family pulled together through it all. Luli came unto her own in Santa Fe. She learned that life wasn't over, it was just beginning with good friends that became like family to her through shared hardships. And she learned that to pursue her dream of being an artist could blossom into being a successful artist. Above all she learned what real love is, and that it could be found in the strangest places. The year of the apricot is rare, so you have to make the most of it when it is here. As did Luli Russell. I really enjoyed this book. Good read.

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