Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Grace, by TL Bliss - Book Review

GraceGrace by TL Bliss
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a story about a young girl, Sara, who loves to write. And about how Sara found the true purpose and value of her writing after interviewing her older and wiser neighbor, Grace. Both had written as a way to deal with life, yet neither had shared all the notes, poems, and memories they had collected. Both kept them hidden away in a box, hidden from the world, and more importantly from the ones
they loved. Sara’s english teacher asked her to interview someone, then “put their words into a story” in an effort to improve her grade in that class. Little did Sara know that her interview with Grace would improve more than her grade. The interview lasted all of that Saturday, the day they chose for the interview. Grace hoped Sara’s love for God and her family, the love she was able to write about, would be shared with her family and the world, and that maybe this interview could help Sara do just that. By reading Grace’s healing poems and memoirs Sara found a sense of belonging and purpose for her own writing. She learned that she needed to let her family know how much she loved them. Sara learned that love isn’t love until it is shared, and that sharing that love could heal people’s sorrow and suffering. Grace was a living example of how to love your neighbors, family, and friends, thus Sara got more than a good grade from that blessed Saturday interview. Thank you TL Bliss for providing yet another book that will help young people develop the morals it takes to live a happy life.

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