Saturday, September 7, 2013

How Elizabeth Barrett Browning Saved My Life: A NovelHow Elizabeth Barrett Browning Saved My Life: A Novel by Mameve Medwed
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Being from Cambridge, a neighborhood populated with high achieving academia's, her father a professor, intolerant of a child achieving less scholarly attainments than himself, and being a woman scorn by more than one man in her young coming of age years, it is no wonder that Abigail Elizabeth Randolph maintains a basal existence. The item responsible for saving Abby’s life floated into her life by a
process of elimination. (All puns intended) A chamber pot once owned by Elizabeth Barrett Browning is one of the few things Abby ended up with after her so called childhood friend, Lavinia, bowled her over when clearing out their deceased mother’s belongings, red tagging everything for herself but the few items she, Lavinia, deemed worthless enough to leave for her acquiescent friend. There is a quick turn of events when Abby’s fellow antique enthusiast, Gus, encourages her to take her chamber pot to the Antique’s Roadshow.

I like this book. This is a witty story about an underachiever made good. I recommend it be made into a girl flick.

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