Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Rosetta Translation - My New Writing Tool

I have been intrigued lately how some authors are able to lay down on the page their character’s native language. The latest intrigue came from the author Elizabeth Gilbert in her book THE SIGNATURE OF ALL THINGS. My recent book review is found here - Book Review.

Alma Whittaker’s nanny, and head housekeeper of the Whittaker estate, Hanneke de Groot would speak to Alma in their native Dutch language when the most consequential times in their lives occurred, adding to the intimacy of that scene, so best described the close relationship those two characters had. As a reader this impressed me as very good writing.

The obvious solution as to how authors accomplish foreign language verbiage in their texts is they must use a translation service. I began researching for available resources, and found an impressive translation agency that meets this need. What is perfect about this particular translation company is that I can submit snippets of my manuscript and get a free quote on what it will cost. I find that a very cost effective advantage to a not yet successful struggling writer! (That would be me.)

Another little writer’s jewel I found on the Rosetta Translation company website is a new (to me) word: Chuchotage [shoo-shoh-tazhi], a translation service called ‘whispered interpreting’. A small group, four or less, who find themselves in a foreign country, taking a tour lead by a tour guide who doesn't speak their native language, would hire a translator to chuchotage for them. As a writer who spends most days alone in my room at my desk playing with words, finding this odd little word was absolutely titillating. This word is now filed in my writer’s word party box.

And the Rosetta Translation company is permanently bookmarked and filed in my writer’s toolbox file now.

This is an advertisement. I wouldn't advertise a company on my blog if I didn't endorse it. Just saying.